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  • Rt name from Valenrin) was brought up in the birth orphanage, difficult and hungry, spent in with his life fights for leadership for a bread. I took part in rehabilitation course in Moscow by famous professor Valentin Dikul' s method, and I must say it is really amazing. View ( active tab) What links here;. Sections of this page.
    Jul 12, · Valentin Dikul, who recovered from a broken back, discussing his rehabilitation plans with the mother of a patient at his clinic MT Dikul had always dreamed of becoming a circus performer, and he was determined to get back on his feet and return to his passion. 1948 in Latvia, soon after the Second World War. Valentin Ivanovich Dikul ( Russian: Валентин Иванович Дикуль; born 3 April 1948 in Kaunas, Lithuanian SSR, Soviet Union) is a circus artist, head of the Russian medical and rehabilitation center of the musculoskeletal system diseases. Little Valia ( sho. People' s Artist of Russia ( 1999). Valentin Dikul is, in my opinion, one of the greatest athletes ever to grace the earth.
    Valentin Mitev, Sofia, Bulgaria. Valantin Dikul- The Strongest Powerlifter Ever? Posted on March 6, by. I' ve seen people after SCI on different level standing up and putting their first ( sic. The " Maestro" as he is known, was paralyzed in a trapeze fall for about 7 years as a young. Today, more than four decades after the accident, Dikul is back in the big top, this time as a dumbbell- juggling, iron- bending strongman with several Guinness records to. Jun 29, · Dikul' s rehabilitation method worked for me. Here is a short biography from one of the following videos: A circus acrobat, Valentin took a bad fall and broke his back when he was seventeen. Valentin Savvich Pikul ( Russian: Валенти́ н Са́ ввич Пи́ куль) ( July 13, 1928 – July 16, 1990) was a popular and prolific Soviet historical novelist of Ukrainian- Russian heritage. Valentin' s Academy - Your Only Limit is You. Valentin Dikul was born 03. Svet Sundays: Strong people of Russia – Valentin Dikul!
    Apr 16, · Does anyone know anything about Valentin Dikul? I' m T4- T5 and after 5 months of rehab professor put me up himself, and I' ve. € ” Valentin Dikul Powerlifting ( 450kg/ 990lb Squat, 260kg/ 572lb Bench, 460kg/ 1012lb Deadlift) for a Guinness World Record total of 2574 Pounds! His father was killed action, his mother died in giving to him.
    Media in category " Valentin Dikul" The following 2 files are in this category, out of 2 total. Accessibility Help. He has been breifly mentioned in Pavels books, I belive he' s a Chiropractor in Russia who recoved from a severe back injury as a circus acrobat and now runs his own rehabilitation centre. Valentin dikul tratamentul artritei.
    I am Valentin Mitev and this is my newly launched fitness academy for personalized nutrition and workout.


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